Sunday, 19 June 2011

DNA Testing for Pakistan

Bio-Synthesis, Inc. (BSI) is an AABB accredited laboratory and supplier of DNA testing services for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Embassies, and many immigration offices around the world. BSI provides the DNA parentage tests for immigration purposes which are required to be performed by an AABB accredited member. With more than a decade of experience in providing familial DNA Testing worldwide, BSI has become an expert on immigration DNA testing interpretations for government agencies, local Embassies, and our immigration clients.
Our immigration consultants are dedicated to serving our clients in Pakistan by working closely with U.S. Embassies and petitioners, as well as with immigration attorneys, and Embassy-approved panel physicians within Pakistan. Each of the testing processes is carefully monitored to ensure appropriate family verification, accuracy, and a satisfying experience. 
What you need to know?
  • Most tests require 3-way shipping to and from the Embassy in Pakistan.
  • Bio-Synthesis, Inc. will ship the kit from the U.S. to the Embassy.
  • Upon completion of the test, the DNA Identity Testing Laboratory will ship test results to the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan; via Fed Ex as well as a copy to our clients.

 How to start?
  1. Fill out Immigration DNA Test Application and fax your DNA request letter provided by the Embassy to 972-420-0442 or call 1-800-DNA-EXAM (800-362-3926) for a complete quote for your DNA Testing needs. We will review your case promptly and provide a total quote for your ease.
  2. We will include all costs of shipping and DNA Testing fees with the exception of the panel physician fee. We cannot pay for the collection of international DNA Samples because these fees must be paid in local Pakistan currency. Tested parties within the U.S. pay their collection fees when they pay for the test.
  3. Once samples are received we will begin analyzing them. After the testing is complete a certified copy of the results will be shipped to the Embassy and to you. We also include a letter of explanation for your convenience.

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